Many people are isolated due to Covid-19 and can't go shopping for basic groceries or necessities.

How it Works

Helpers specify a 1 to 20 kilometre radius from their postcode, and get notified of a local need based on their selection from available helper categories.

An Example

Helping the elderly with their shopping

As someone wanting to help my local community, I sign up and specify a 3 kilometre radius from my postcode, selecting "Supermarket Shopping" as one of many "helper categories".

I later get notified of a local need from an elderly man in lockdown whose children live overseas and he has lost his support network. I give him a quick call and establish a shopping list for the next day.

The next day I do the shopping with my own money and fill in the total amount using my phone after checkout, I include my bank account number for reimbursement.

He is happy to pay me directly via bank account and trusts I'll deliver the goods next. The alternative is that he is notified to pay into escrow online using his credit card and the system notifies me that funds are available, so I can drop off the items.

He inspects the items and the receipt, sees it matches the total I filled out. If he had used escrow, he would have clicked a button which releases the funds into my bank account as reimbursement.

He has asked for this help fortnightly, which I'm happy to do, so next time, he pays me directly via bank transfer since we've established trust and community.